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About Us
THE SOCIETY OF OUR LADY OF THE WAY  is a Secular Institute of working women (at least at the time of entry). (Constitution, Chap. 1, #1).
OUR VOCATION  - the sanctification of the world from within by witnessing to Christ, by spreading the Good News of the Gospel, by striving to live as a transforming presencee, or 'leaven' in contemporary society. We live in our own homes and engage in the employment of our choice Our entire lifestyle is one of prayer, work and social activities and this is our apostolate.
1.    CONSECRATION  - profession of the Gospel (Evangelical) Counsels of
        Chastity, Obedience and Poverty; formalizing one's commitment to belong to
        God alone and to serve one's neighbour in imitation of Christ.
        (i)  Chastity - opens one to love inclusively and to belong only to God.
        (ii) Obedience - offers one's talents in service to others.
        (iii) Poverty - frees one to live among the good things of this world without
              attachment to them.
2.    SECULARITY  -  inseparable from consecration; focusus on the reality of
        living in the world, engaging in the activities that belong to this world while
        aiming at infusing Gospel values into one's environment and thereby effecting
        the transformation of society.
3.    APOSTOLATE  -  where you live this Secular Consecration - at work, at
       leisure,, in retirement - everywhere that humanity lives and moves and has
       its being - working quietly to restore all things (all creation) in Christ. Our
       apostolates are therefore individual according to our profession, type of work
       ministries within the Church or within Civic Society.
We live our lives within the different strata of society. Exteriorly, we appear no different from others. Interiorly, we are consecrated to God and dedicated to the service of others.
1.     To strive to live the Gospel values and be salt, light and leaven wherever God
        places us.
2.     To search for God and His work of salvation in order to serve Him in loving
3.     In loving service, be ready to follow 'Christ poor and despised' thus trying to
        become more and more like Him with the hope to partake of His glory, and to
        emulate this hope for others.
4.     To serve the world in Christian responsibility to the world, embracing all areas
        of life in a spirit of 'self-forgetting love.'
5.     To be available for active service according to one's circumstances and
6.     To make our occupation the primary apostolate in which to contribute to
        God's creative mission and continue Christ's redeeming act.
1.     Profession of the Evangelical Counsels according to the spirit of St. Ignatius
        of Loyola and the model of our Blessed Mother, and lived out in the secular
        situation of life.
2.     A common vision carried out individually and in individual circumstances and
3.     A lived faith in a God of love formed by and sustained in a deep prayer life
        and developed through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius - important to
        the spiritual life of the Society.
4.     To more and more become 'contemplatives in action' amid everyday life with
        its various conditions and experiences.
Associates are affiliates who seek to sanctify themselves, their work and their workplace according to our Ignatian Spirituality and our mission without professing the Evangelical Counsels.
We invite you to call or write to us for more information or comments at:-
Society of Our Lady of The Way
13 Cannon Road, Havendale
Kingston 19, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 924 4723 / (876) 941 3816
Society of Our Lady of The Way
Ponds Pasture, Basseterre
St. Kitts W.I.
Tel: (869) 465 2461; E-mail: ptmussenden@gmail.com 
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